Originating from the heart of Boston's design community, Sportova emerged from Modern Relik — a leader in luxury furniture and home décor. Venturing into fitness, we initially introduced upscale fitness equipment as a complement to Modern Relik's design-driven ethos. The positive response was undeniable.

This feedback spurred a realization: the luxury fitness arena needed a dedicated brand, one that could offer not just quality but specialized design focus. Thus, Sportova was born.

Sportova stands as a testament to our belief in blending aesthetic appeal with premium functionality. We aim to do more than just fit into luxurious spaces; we strive to become an integral part of them. While our journey began in Boston, our vision for Sportova spans beyond, hoping to cater to elite cities across the USA.

Our mission is simple: deliver top-tier luxury gym equipment without compromise. With Sportova, expect both superior design and unmatched quality.

Welcome to Sportova. Where design meets fitness.

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