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At Sportova, your vision transforms into the perfect home or boutique gym, merging elegance with functionality. Start with a personalized consultation to share your style and requirements. Our design team, adept in creating both private and commercial spaces, ensures your gym aligns with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Design Excellence and Architectural Services

We dive into every detail, from advanced planning to selecting premium equipment that fits both home environments and commercial settings. Our architectural services enable full scale build or renovation projects, while our gym expertise ensures your gym is tailored to your specific fitness needs.

Seamless Integration and High-End Equipment

Sportova stands out with our tailored approach, offering high-end fitness equipment that complements your space and fitness goals. From luxury home items to full-scale commercial machines, we guide you in choosing the best for your tailored environment.

Comprehensive Project Oversight

From concept through completion, Sportova manages all aspects to align with your vision, budget, and timeline. Our commitment is to deliver a space that embodies creativity, luxury, and functionality, ensuring your gym is a true reflection of personalized wellness.

The Sportova Commitment

Join us on a journey where design meets health, creating spaces that inspire and motivate. With Sportova, discover a gym that is not just a place to exercise, but a bespoke wellness retreat designed around you.

Our Process

Our Design, Architecture & Gym Planning process
Concept Design
We work with you on inspiration, concept, and gym planning.
Drawings, Architecture, and Layout
We implement CAD, 3d design, architectural drawings, and gym layout. Equipment selection occurs here.
We work with the contractor to get the architectural elements done. Gym equipment installation.

Bespoke Interiors

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